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My Air Pure - Air purifier and Sanitizer with UV-C UV-A LED - Tuscan Leather

My Air Pure - Air purifier and Sanitizer with UV-C UV-A LED - Tuscan Leather

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Air purifier and sanitizer with UV-C UV-A LED and selective filters

My Air Pure is a device for air purifying and sanitizing which reduces the particulate matter and the air microbial and viral load. CE certified, it is used in the presence of people, is very quiet, with very limited energy consumption and very low maintenance costs.

The growing attention to the air we breathe indoors, indoor pollution and diseases that are transmitted through the air, the need to increase people's well-being and health, and the technological features of My Air Pure allow everyone to use our device at home or in the office.

There are three main sources of air pollution to eliminate with a professional air purifier:

Chemical pollution: gas and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), cleaners and solvents, glues and adhesives, paints, plastics, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene

Physical pollution: micro and nano-particles from PM 10 to PM 0.1 pollen, air pollution, industrial, automotive, smoke, soot, ash, wood particles, and animal hair.

Biological pollution: microorganisms, molds, spores, viruses such as Coronavirus and others, bacteria, and mites.

My Air Pure is the result of scientific and design experience. It has the following key characteristics:

  • The device is very compact and therefore easily transportable
  • It is safe and can be used in the presence of people.
  • It consumes only 15 W and for this reason, it can be used for many hours of the day to keep the air purified and sanitized It is very quiet (only 30 db) and therefore does not disturb the daily and working activities

Small size, easily transportable, and easy to use, My Air Pure can be used in:

  • Houses
  • Meeting rooms
  • Hotels
  • Bar
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Hair salons
  • Beauty salons
  • Medical clinics
  • Public spaces
  • Schools

How it works

The aluminum casing shields UV radiation and allows the use of the device in the presence of people.

  • My Air Pure is equipped with a 7-blade fan, which draws air from the top of the device.
  • This is channeled inside the device photocatalytic filter with UVA LEDs.
  • Subsequently, the air, flowing downwards, is sanitized by UVC LEDs.
  • A last outlet filter completes the air purification operation.


Sanitising the environment.

The UV-C lamp in My Air Pure is made
by Seoul Viosys, the global leader in LED production. The germicidal action of UV-C has been recognised for many years,
and is considered effective in eliminating pathogenic microorganism, virus and bacteria. Many scientific publications certify its effectiveness, even on new viruses, as documented by the studies outlined on page 13.

Efficient filtration.

Inlet and outlet selective filters ensure action on particulate matter, dust and larger pollutants.
And all this in the presence of people and without the contraindications of using ozone.

Purifying the environment.

The LED UV-A combined with the IN Ti02 cleaner has an effect on:

- smells
- mould
- pollen
- bacteria -COV

All without the contraindications of using ozone and in the presence of people.

Technical information
Maximum treatable area: 50 square meters
• Volume of treated air: 180 mc / h
• Cadr (clean air delivery rate): 150 mc / h
• Maximum consumption: 15W
• Power supply: 220/230 V 50/60 Hz
• Insulation class: II
• Sound intensity: 30 dB
• Air filtration system
- Filter 1: category G4
- Filter 2: category F7
- TiO2 filter: catalytic
• Filter life: 6 months (recommended duration)
• LED life: 20,000 h
• UV-A LED operation: 365 nm
• UV-C LED operation: 275 nm
• Dimensions: 32 x 20 cm
• Weight: 6.5 kg
• Material: 1060 aluminum alloy
• Finish: oven-baked epoxy paint

My Air Pure - Air purifier and Sanitizer with UV-C UV-A LED - Tuscan Leather

(iva esclusa)

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