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Ceramic BURS TIPS for Hybrid Nails

Ceramic BURS TIPS for Hybrid Nails

€28,00 (iva esclusa)
Ceramic mills are the best accessories for the precise and quick removal of hybrid varnish and gel mass. What our cutters provide:

 have a special shape - the construction of the cutting edges prevents the dust generated during styling removal from floating in the air,
 vibrations are almost imperceptible, the operation of the cutters is quiet and gentle, vibrations do not transfer to the plate,
 Efficient and fast work - this is what each of us loves, whether using the milling machine at home or in the living room. The cutters ensure comfort and facilitate the performance of treatments.
I choose professional solutions!

The ceramic cutter 002 can be used to remove hybrid and gel mass. The thickness of the cutter is medium, marked in blue.

During operation, the cutter does not transfer heat to the plate, and the shape allows you to precisely work out the nails also at the shafts. Appropriate sizes of cloves perfectly pull off the hybrid and do not damage the plate.

The ceramic cutter must be sterilized and disinfected!

The diameter of the cutter's leg is 2.35mm; working part diameter: 6mm and head length: 15mm; and the turnover is 20-25 thousand. for a minute.

Ceramic BURS TIPS for Hybrid Nails

(iva esclusa)

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