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ClaveKit™ - Starter Kit

ClaveKit™ - Starter Kit

€79,00 (iva esclusa)
ClaveClub introduces Clavekit ™

Everything you need to kick-start with your autoclave. The Clavekit™ is a starter kit containing all of the accessories needed to have your autoclave up and running. The Clavekit™ has been developed with ecological and cost-saving solutions in mind, and it also contributes to reducing your carbon footprint.

The Clavekit™ contains:

  • 1 L of demineralized water,
  • 150 sterilization pouches in 3 different sizes (57mm x 100mm, 90mm x 230 mm, 135mm x 250mm),
  • 150 chemical indicators class 4
  • 30 chemical indicators class 5

ClaveKit™ - Starter Kit

(iva esclusa)

Enbio Magic Filter

Save time

Don't waste time on on changing bottles with distilled water for your autoclave. Magic Filter will make a 5L bottle last the same time as 80x 5L bottles.

Enbio Magic Filter

Save space

Choose Magic Filter for your autoclave and forget about ugly-looking bottles that disrupt the space in your saloon. With the Magic filter you will need only one, small bottle that can be easily hidden.

Enbio Magic Filter

Save water and environment

By choosing Enbio Magic Filter, you save not only your time and money. You also contribute to well-being of our planet. Less used water, less plastic waste.

Enbio Magic filter

Save money

Last, but certainly not least, you will save yourself a lot of money. Enbio Magic filter will replace 80 5L bottles of distilled water. The calculation is easy: you will save around 300zł during lifetime if the filter.